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Balancing Authority Loads and Resources (BA L&R). This report contains graphs and tables displaying balancing authority actuals by fuel type from the EIA. Prices are LMP sourced by the ISO. Data is available in Hourly, Daily, and Weekly aggregations. Select a balancing authority or an aggregation of BAs from the dropdown box to display the L&R data.

Balancing Authority Mapping

BA L&R Fields

    • Coal: Includes anthracite, bituminous, subbituminous, lignite, and waste coal; synthetic coal and refined coal; and beginning in 2011, coal-derived synthesis gas. Prior to 2011 coal-derived synthesis gas was included in Other Gases.
    • Natgas:
    • Oil:
    • Thermal:
    • Other: Includes non-biogenic municipal solid waste, batteries, hydrogen, purchased steam, sulfur, tire-derived fuel, and other miscellaneous energy sources.
    • Nuke:
    • Hydro:
    • Solar:
    • Wind:
    • Renew: Includes wood, black liquor, other wood waste, biogenic municipal solid waste, landfill gas, sludge waste, agriculture byproducts, other biomass
    • Netgen:
    • Net IntrChg:

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